Still figuring out your dream role in Data Science? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

Hey friends,

Have you ever felt that choosing a career path in Data Science or AI seems pretty complicated?

Have you ever wondered what is the role of your dreams?

Let me tell you, you are not alone.

This is by far one of the most frequent questions I get from women switching careers and embarking on the fascinating world of Data Science and AI.

With so many roles and job titles, it’s normal not to know which one is for you.


I’m here to help you navigate those decisions and help you see how having many different options is actually a good thing.

If choosing a role or career path feels daunting, it’s mainly due to two missing things:

  1. Aligning with a different perspective and realizing that having a lot of options at your disposal is actually a good thing because it means you will find a role that fits what you like.
  2. Focus on YOU.

Do not think about the most profitable role; think about what you love to do.

Maybe you are fascinated by words or numbers.

Or do you love to create graphics?

​Think first about what you love the most about data, science, or AI, and then find what roles are related to what you love to do.


You can use the following prompts to get things started:

If I have to work on a Data related problem,

  • What type of data do I enjoy the most? Text, video, audio, numbers? What data topics really get my creative juices flowing? (Examples of topics are health, gender, bias, environment, social problems, race, etc.)
  • Do I love to spend hours and hours in front of the computer writing code or wrangling data, or do I prefer to create graphics, present results, and interact with colleagues and stakeholders?
  • Why do I want a career in Data Science or AI? What about it makes me happy?
  • What do I see when I imagine myself working in a data-related job? What about that imaginary scenario really makes me want it? (For example, is it more about a passion for data and finding insights, the status associated with the role, or being part of technological advancements?)

​Once you clarify what you like about data science, choosing a role will become easier.

The previous prompts are included in my guide What’s Your Niche in Data Science? In the guide you will find:

  • The 2-Step system to choose your ideal niche and role in Data Science.
  • How to supercharge your options with the 30 Data Science roles to launch your career including also roles in Ethics and Regulation of Bias.
  • How to unlock your career path with the most frequently used skills and the must have skills for each Data Science role.

So grab your copy for Free if you haven’t already.

​And if you don’t know the answers to most of the suggested questions, I recommend trying different Data Science projects to see what you like the most. Get involved, pay attention, and write down the moments when you feel the happiest working on a project.​

Stay awesome,

Lina Marieth

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