The power of making things easier and simpler

Hello beautiful friends,

​I don’t know about you, but I have a strong tendency to overcomplicate things, especially if they require something I don’t necessarily want to do or something I’m afraid of doing.

​If I need to do something and I’m feeling hesitant about it, somehow, I can assure you I’ll always find ways of adding layers and layers of complication.

Has this happened to you?

​Now, over the years, I’ve come to a place where all the unnecessary complications still happen, but what has changed is that I’m aware of them, and that has been a game-changer.

For me, understanding what was going on was the first step in not repeating the same patterns.

​Nowadays, when I catch myself overthinking something, I always come back to the question:

How can I make this task easier? Or a variant: what is the minimum required to make it work?

Instead of adding multiple algorithms, models, descriptions, or flashy plots, I take a deep breath and return to the basics.

Or, instead of working on my usual spot, I switch to working on pajamas on my bed – (there is nothing like working on pajamas on a cold day ;))

And then I repeat to myself: This is simple Lina; just find a simple, short, or straightforward path to reach the goal.

And it doesn’t matter if the result isn’t as beautiful or fantastic as I wanted.

If you identify with this story, maybe you’ve also been adding layers of complication to your Data Science journey, regardless of what part of the process you’re in at the moment. So, I invite you to ask yourself:

How can I make my Data Science journey easier?

Just as simple as that.

No extra complications are required.

Maybe you could start with the basics.

Or, focus on learning one skill at a time. Think about small chunks of information instead of hours in front of your screen trying to grasp complex concepts.

Some months ago, I talked about teaching yourself Natural Language Processing. And I shared the four-step process to learn something new in that talk. I’m sharing it in case it’s helpful for you. Watch the talk here.

But thinking about making things easier led me to think about the best ways to help you reach your Data Science goals and make your journey easier, lighter, and more fun!

So, I’ll be opening just a few spots for personalized 1:1 help in one of the most frequent roadblocks when switching careers to Data Science:

Your Data Science portfolio!!.

Can you imagine finally dropping the weight off your shoulders and getting a unique and outstanding portfolio in just two weeks?

Yes, that’s not a typo, just two weeks!

​I’ll be by your side (virtually speaking), working together.

If this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to finally create your DS Portfolio, make sure to stay tuned, I’ll be sharing the details in my following posts.

And now is your turn.

Are you overcomplicating building your Portfolio?

​Let me know in the comments.

Feel free to write in English or Spanish.

Stay awesome,

Lina Marieth

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